Why Place With Lift Up Your Head Short-Term Therapeutic Treatment Center?



Lift up your Head Short-Term Therapeutic Treatment Center. is dedicated to the revitalization of children and our community. Our facility is set up as a safe haven and a family style living home, which offers more then just a place to lay your

head. We strongly feel that all children need the reassurance of love, respect and



Our facility is designed to offer a plethora of opportunities and services. We offer

weekly group and individual counseling, as outlets for the children to discuss

issues, feeling or problems that they may be encountering. We also offer

Modified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which combines standard techniques for

emotion regulation and reality-testing with concepts of, distress tolerance, and

acceptance. We have a strong mentoring program, which consists of individuals

that have been through similar situations as the children are currently going

through. We believe that physical fitness is the very important to maintain good


We know that education is very important and we offer tutoring and vocational

training. Life skill, are essential in succeeding in adulthood. We have

implemented levels, point systems, and contracts in an effort to keep our children

on track and give them something to strive for.

We know and understand that most of the children that we encounter have

issues dealing with self-esteem, coping skills, aggression and general self


That’s why we encourage support networks, anger management,

stress management, and relational skills. We know that these core values and

morals are very necessary for life and success in the real world.

Some of our additional services offered include 24 hour emergency

transportation, transportation to and from school, if school busing is not available.

We transport to therapy, dental, medical appointments and visits with biological

family. We participate in academic development focusing on a stable learning

environment by establishing meeting with school counselors to assist in the

development of Individualized Educational Programs (IEP’s) for each child.

By providing these outlets it would allow the building of a stronger foundation in

the development of social skills, increase positive self perception, and providing a

larger variety of opportunities and skills.