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Lift Up Your Head Therapeutic Homes Inc. started providing service to address the Needs of Individuals and Families.

Our primary focus is their well-being; medical, nursing, mental health, and independent living skills are an integral part of the residential program. And substance abuse counseling and continuing care are available/offered for those who are transitioning back into their communities and for youth and families as well who are not planning the transition.


Lift Up Your Head Therapeutic Homes Inc. is designed to service youth and families who struggle with mental health issues and substance abuse that have become re-occurring disorders.


Our Program’s primary focus is the well-being of each and every one of the individuals being served by providing a comprehensive set of services, including medical services, nursing services, and mental health counseling and services.


Lift Up Your Head Therapeutic Homes Inc. addresses addiction related issues, assists the individual to develop skills, identify stressors that contribute to abuse, and lay a foundation for a strong recovery.


Lift Up Your Head Therapeutic Homes Inc. will also use social support for resources for work and school that make for a successful transition into the community.


Lift Up Your Head Therapeutic Homes Inc. will also offer individual case management and one-to-one counseling, access to AA meetings, and Clergy services.


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