Direct Care Staff

Direct Care Staff report to the Facility Manager. Direct Care Staff Members shall be a minimum of 21 years of age, pass all background clearances qualify for the LUYH approved drivers list, CPR/first aid certified and shall qualify for the position by meeting at least one for the following qualifications:


● Have a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree;


● Have a valid Child Development Teaching Permit;


● Have completed 12 semesters units of Early Childhood Education, Adolescent Development, or Foster and Kinship Care Education and have 100 hours of experience working with youth.


● Have a valid Vocational Training certificate, credential or documentation demonstrating that the individual is a trade journeyperson who instructs children in vocational skills and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth.


● Have previously been employed as a staff or volunteer at a group home or short-term residential therapeutic center for at least one year.


● Have relevant experience as determined by the Department to meet any of the above requirements.


● Relevant life experience in the child welfare, mental health or juvenile justice as a consumer, mentor or care giver or other relevant experience as determined by the department


Direct care staff members shall demonstrate all the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

● Knowledge and understanding of the needs of youth served in a residential setting.


● Skills and ability to engage and develop rapport with youth with various backgrounds.


● Skills and ability to provide consistency and behavioral limits through relationship-based interventions.


● Skills to communicate effectively with the ability to solve problems in a collaborative manner.


● Provide parental quality supervision and guidance to residents assigned to their group home.


● Responsible for providing structure, consistency, and safety for each youth.


● Assure the cleanliness, neatness and maintenance of the facility and surrounding grounds at all times.


● Know and abide by agency policies


● Disallow youth to exchange clothing or items of personal property without approval.


● Participate in staff meetings, workshops, conferences, and seminars required by the agency.


● Encourage socially acceptable behavior in all situations of the youths under his/her supervision.


● Account for food, clothes, and other items necessary for the proper care of youths assigned to home of employment.


● Supervise youth’s studies during study time.


● Participate with administrators in planning outings, shopping store trips and carry out it while on duty.


● Invoke disciplinary action to be carried out while on duty.


● Provide meals for youths and staff in the home.


● Attendance at all treatment team meetings and in-service training deemed mandatory.


● Crisis and/or on-call responsibilities as needed.


● Responsible for recording daily activity every 15 to 20 minutes in a logbook.


● Know and abide by agency policies


Pay: $16/Hour