Facilty Social Woker





1.1     To develop the initial APPRAISAL/NEEDS AND SERVICES PLAN for residents entering the facility.


1.2     To evaluate each resident and in conjunction with evaluations by the psychologist, psychiatrist and physician and compile the initial 30 day EVALUATION SUMMARY/TREATMENT PLAN for each resident.


1.3     To assess the resident in his level of skills in order to develop an acquisition program in the area of independent living, cognitive, communication, social and other developmental social skills.


1.4     To develop settings in which skills can be taught to the residents.


1.5     To report progress to the resident's authorized placement representative on no less than a monthly basis and to log all contacts.


1.6     To update the APPRAISAL/NEEDS AND SERVICES PLAN semiannually and be responsible for inviting the authorized placement representative to a meeting for that purpose.


1.7     To treat each client individually either in therapy or in an alternative activity for a minimum of two hours weekly and to log and summarize each session.


1.8     To treat clients in a group therapy session or in an alternative activity for a minimum of one and one half hours weekly and to log and summarize each session.


1.9     To coordinate with the Administrator to ensure that newly entering residents are enrolled in an appropriate educational program in a timely manner.


2.0     To attend I.E.P. meetings for each resident.


2.1     To coordinate the child's participation in recreation, independent living and vocational programs.


2.2     For those residents 14 years of age and older, ensure expanded emancipation services.


2.3     Ensure that each child is involved in daily cognitive development and recreational activities.


2.4     To assist in the resolution of behavioral problems at school.


2.5     Assume responsibility for gathering information, completion and distribution of quarterly reports by their due dates.


2.6     To assume responsibility in conjunction with the administrator for compliance   with all relevant California and San Joaquin County Regulations regarding psycho-tropic, anti-seizure and other medication including those enumerated in Title 22 and the dependency Proceedings Manual of the San Joaquin Juvenile Court, Section 9 with special emphasis on completion, submission and updating psycho-tropic and anti-seizure medication authorization forms.




The social worker will have an earned master's level degree or higher in social work counseling or psychology and will have met the skill and experience guidelines established by the program. Well-developed organizational skills are a necessity. The social worker assigned to work with residents whose primary mode of communication is other than spoken English will be expected to be fluent in that mode of communication.




The staff social worker is a clinical professional who although not supervised by the administrator is responsible to him/her.