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Facility Administrstor 

Facility Administrator- The Facility Administrator shall maintain a current Facility Administrator Certification for STRTP from the State of California. The Facility Administrator shall be a minimum of 21 years of age, pass all background clearances, qualify for the LUYH approved drivers list and CPR/first aid certified






The Administrator is the agency's designated person who coordinates all agency contracts for the assigned facility; assesses facility operation and program for the assigned facility and reports to the Executive Director with recommendation to address any identified problems; responsible for fiscal control of the facility and preparation of facility budget and management of facility expenditures; collaborates with Board of Directors and Executive Director in developing long range planning and facility expansion plans; represents facility to all professional affiliations and community groups; serves as designated administrator to receive any documents from State and Local agencies, including reports of inspections, consultations, accusations and civil and administrative processes; reviews complaints made by minors or their authorized representative(s) as specified in Section 87072 and decides upon the appropriate action to be taken to handle or resolve the complaints; responsible for management of personnel system and attendant documentation, benefits and policies including recruitment, appointment, supervision, evaluation and termination of staff; responsible for development of plan for orientation, program planning, staff training and development and management.


The Facility Administrator shall be required to spend 20 hours per week in the facility assigned with the following responsibilities:



  • Apply the "Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard" to decisions involving the participation of a youth in age or developmentally appropriate activities in accordance with rules, laws, and policies and procedures when present.

  • Direct and evaluate the facility within the limits of the functions and policies established by LUYH,

  • With the Executive Director, prepare and manage expenditures per budget limitations.

  • Organize the work of the assigned facilities and delegate responsibilities to direct care staff and Facility Managers.

  • Assess the assigned facilities' operations and program, report to the Executive Director, and make recommendations to address identified issues, in collaboration with the LUYH Human Resources Department, recruit, appoint, evaluate, and terminate direct report staff members.

  • In collaboration with the LUYH Chief Quality and Training Officer develop a plan for orientation, development, and training of direct report staff members as specified in Title 22.

  • In concert with the Executive Director, review complaints made by youth, their families, and/or authorized representative(s) as specified in Title 22, decide action(s) to be taken to handle the complaint, and document both the complaint and corrective plan.

  • In collaboration with the Chief Quality and Training Officer, develop written policies, procedures, and practices for continuous quality improvements as specified in Title 22.

  • Observe and interact with staff, youth, and other individuals as necessary to ensure the quality of care for youth and program services.

  • Direct supervisor for Direct Care Staff.

  • Represent or assign others to represent the corporation in all public presentation or discussions pertaining to the operation, needs programs or polices of Center for Positive Changes.

  • Attend special court hearing.

  • Assure that original program concepts are retained with the agency.

  • Stay informed on changes within treatment and discipline programs.

  • Represent the corporation at professional meetings with other residential institutions and organizations.

  • Develop, administer, conduct, and account for active fundraising programs.




  • Have a master's degree in a behavioral science from an accredited college or university plus two years of employment as a social worker as defined in Title 22 in an agency serving children or in a residential congregate care program for children.

  • Have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university plus at least three years of administrative experience or supervisory experience with social work, direct care and/or support staff providing direct services to children in an agency or in a community care facility with a licensed capacity of seven or more.

  • Have completed at least two years at an accredited college or university, plus at least five years of administrative experience or supervisory experience over social worker, direct care, and/or support staff providing direct services to children in an agency or in a community care facility capacity of seven or more.

  • Be a qualified and certified group home administrator prior to January 1, 2017.


The Administrator reports directly to the Executive Director

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